The Story

While sitting with a group of friends one day, somehow the subject turned to sports memorabilia. I threw out there that I had around 600,000 baseball cards and thousands more of football and NASCAR cards. As the conversation progressed we came to the conclusion that the best thing to do was sell them. How became the problem. To make a long story short three of us batted this idea around for a while. Ebay isn’t designed as a store front and after considerable consideration we decided it wasn’t for us. Other existing on-line storefronts didn’t quite fit either. We looked at card shows and will most likely enter that arena. One of our team is a retired geek and volunteered to write a web page for us. That is the story of our beginning.

We are aware that within the thousands of cards we own there are probably many gems worth a considerable amount. But not knowing the baseball card industry we would not know a gem from a rock. That and we have no desire to invest the time to determine each individual card’s worth. Our challenge then was how to sell over a half a million cards on the internet. After a few brain storming sessions at the local watering hole we came up with a plan. We would create packs of fifty individual cards, shrink wrap them and that would be our first product.

Our packs consist of cards that have been individually selected by a real person not a machine. It wasn’t until we started packaging the cards that we realized how many companies made baseball cards. Tops, Upper Deck, Sports, Donruss and the list goes on. Our decks consist of cards sorted by players regardless of manufacture.

Our research indicates that most cards in the pack have a value of 98 cents per card and many much higher. The packs we have sold to friends have experienced even better results. We would love to hear your experience. Please feel free to post your experiences in our comment area. We are always open to constructive criticism or improvement suggestions.